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The Whole World Is Your Own
I tell you one thing –
if you want peace of mind,
do not find fault with others.
Rather learn to see your own faults.
Learn to make the whole world your own.
No one is a stranger, my child;
this whole world is your own.
– Sri Sarada Devi

"How can I even move, twisted like a pretzel?"Videos

Yoga Is as Yoga Does with the King. [Video 2:20]
One Moment Meditation Beginning Meditation Instruction [Video 5:35]
Gill Hedley: The Fuzz Speech – Avoid adhesions: Move your body! [Video 5:12]

Need some inspiration for your practice? Yoga with Esther Ekhart  [yoga instruction]


The Body’s Grace, Matthew Sanford’s Story“, an hour-long program with yoga instructor, Matthew Sanford, “The places you don’t feel in you, are graceful, they are not lost, they are not absence, they are part of your strength, of your fibre.  In a piece of wood, it’s not just the grains of wood, it’s the empty space & spaces between the wood that make it strong, it’s both, & so, the world get’s lighter & easier when you include more of yourself here.”

Stuff to Read

5 Common mistakes in Yoga Is your focus someplace other than where it needs to be?

Teachers who have informed and continue to inspire my practice

Look these folks up if you get a chance!
angel Kyodo williams
Ada Lusardi
Sandy Blaine
Donald Moyer

Other Inspiration

Street Yoga These folks ROCK — teaching folks to offer yoga to homeless youth, and those in transitional housing.
Grace & Grit Inspiring yoga teachers to be real, and to be present for their students!
Transformative Change – Changing the way change is done! Bring your practice together with your work.
Yoga Art and Science If you’re ever at a loss for what to practice, let Witold’s sequences inspire you!
Embodiment International Teaching people to recover their center!

Yoga Studios

Anasa Yoga, Oakland
Yoga Room Berkeley


Meditation Reduces Loneliness, Proinflammatory Gene Expression; Findings May Have Implications for Reducing the Risk for Dementia, Premature Death

Sequences for Home Practice

Sun Salutation using Chair – Cheryl Fenner Brown

Herta Weinstein’s  Home Practice Sequence for Seniors

Dancing Warrior (one variation)

  • Side 1
    • Warrior I [in]
    • opening (moving both back heel & hips)  to Warrior II [out]
    • turning back (moving back heel & hips) to Reverse warrior (arm in the center of the room lifts up, back leg presses into back hand) [in]
    • back through Warrior II [out]
    • front hand to front thigh or front elbow to front thigh or front hand to block or floor, to Side Angle pose [in]
    • back through Warrior II [out]
    • back through Warrior I [in]
  • repeat on side 2
  • end with wide-legged forward bend