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Priced out of the yoga market??

I know that the classes where I teach price their classes so high that many people tell themselves that they can’t afford to come, or can’t afford to come as often as they’d like. By and large, the rates I use are set by the studios where I work, and are calculated to allow teachers to cover their rent (we pay the studios for taking up a time-slot). Rent is set as low as the studio can afford, and continue to offer the services they do to the community. Overhead is pretty low, but STILL, there are costs to doing business in the Bay Area.

I am not just interested in, but committed to bringing the gifts I’ve found in yoga and meditation to folks who might not otherwise have access. If you are interested in making yoga available to a broader audience, and have access to funds, please consider adding something extra to your class or workshop payment. If you find yourself interested in attending yoga classes, and are held back by concerns about your own sustainability. Please come*/register anyway. Bring a friend. It’s simple: Pay what you can, extend if you can. There is no shame in finding yourself lower on the economic ladder than someone else. This is not charity, as your practice serves all of us.

Non-financial ways you could help: If you want to contribute in non-monetary ways, for qualified folks, I’d happily trade for graphic design, flyer distribution, marketing, garden work, house handy-ness. There might be other ways I’d be up for trade! Make a proposal – and DO NOT feel obligated to do so.

If you haven’t started yoga yet, start this week! Don’t wait.

*Yeah, there’s fine print — this doesn’t apply at the Y… The YMCA has a long history of offering scholarships and support to the community, but they have a process for offering scholarships, and that process is outside of my direct control.