“The places you don’t feel in you, are graceful, they are not lost, they are not absence, they are part of your strength, of your fibre. The world get’s lighter & easier when you include more of yourself.” — Matthew Sanford


Welcome!  Join me in one of my upcoming workshopsongoing classes, invite me work with you one-on-one, or come to your workplace.
Are you strong, weak, flexible or not?  Do you live in your head or your heart?  Are you joyful, dejected, angry or content?
Wear: comfortable clothing, and come as you are.

Bring: presence and a willingness to look inward.


On October 20th, 2013 I was ordained as a Zen priest. If you’d like to read little snippets about that journey, including the sewing of my robes, I’ve started a very simple blog at outbreath.tumblr.com.
Photo by Ada Lusardi